Duke in the NBA – the inaugural post

Thanks for joining me! If you love Duke basketball and the NBA like me then this blog will be perfect for you. The goal of this blog is simply to keep Duke fans up to speed with how our guys are doing in the NBA.

I look forward to bringing content to Duke and NBA fans all across the world on a weekly basis. I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while now. This is a space that has needed much greater coverage for Duke fans IMO. We love the players while they are at Duke and it is hard for the most part to keep up with their pro career because we have SO MANY (25) of them now in the pros and because most Duke fans are more passionate about following college than NBA and y’all don’t have time to watch everything. Leave that to me!

I will be coming with weekly updates on Mondays that will include top performances throughout the week, links to highlight videos, deep dive discussions on players, contract talks, injury talks, and just about anything I think y’all would be interested in! Please comment if you like the blog or if you disagree with anything, I hope to have a very lively comment section from all you crazies out there.

For this first post I will level set on who we have currently in the NBA, ordered from most points per game to lowest points per game/2-way contact guys. See if you can guess the order!

Duke leading scorers in the NBA so far this season:

  1. Kyrie Irving – Boston Celtics – 22.7 PPG

2. J.J. Redick – Philadelphia 76ers – 18.3 PPG

3. Brandon Ingram – LA Lakers – 16.3 PPG

4. Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics – 16.2 PPG

5. Jabari Parker – Chicago Bulls – 14.7 PPG

6. Rodney Hood – Cleveland Cavaliers – 12.7 PPG

7. Marvin Bagley III – Sacremento Kings – 12.4 PPG

8. Justise Winslow – Miami Heat – 12.1 PPG

9. Wendel Carter Jr. – Chicago Bulls – 10.4 PPG

10. Austin Rivers – Houston Rockets – 8.4 PPG

11. Quinn Cook – Golden State Warriors – 7.8 PPG

12. Mason Plumlee – Denver Nuggets – 7.4 PPG

13. Luke Kennard – Detroit Pistons – 7.1 PPG

14. Seth Curry – Portland Trailblazers – 6.0 PPG

15. Tyus Jones – Minnesota Timberwolves – 5.5 PPG

16. Harry Giles – Sacremento Kings – 5.5 PPG

17. Frank Jackson – New Orleans Pelicans – 5.2 PPG

18. Jahlil Okafor – New Orleans Pelicans – 4.7 PPG

19. Miles Plumlee – Atlanta Hawks – 4.4 PPG (only appeared in 18 games)

20. Grayson Allen – Utah Jazz – 4.2 PPG (only appeared in 18 games)

21. Lance Thomas – New York Knicks – 3.4 PPG (only appeared in 17 games)

22. Luol Deng – Minnesota Timberwolves – 3.4 PPG (only appeared in 5 games)

23. Gary Trent Jr. – Portland Trailblazers – 2.8 PPG (only appeared in 5 games)

24. Amile Jefferson – [2-way contract] Orlando Magic – 2 PPG (only appeared in 1 game)

25. Trevon Duval – [2-way contract] Milwaukee Bucks – Has not appeared

Deep Dive – Justise Winslow

Image result for justise winslow vs grizzlies

Watch Frankie Vision highlights of Winslow’s 26 point game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3OnQBkic8c

Winslow continued the best stretch of his career this week, crossing the 25 point mark for only the second time in his career, scoring 26 against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday January 12th. With Goran Dragic out with a knee injury, the Miami Heat have been playing Winslow at the point for a little bit over a month now and so far it has brought out the best in Winslow. Since the start of December, Justise is averaging 14.7 points per game and he has been in double figures now in 10 consecutive games, which is his longest streak since being at Duke. Most impressively though, Winslow owns a team best +120 plus-minus since the start of December which is far and away the best on the team. The guy is a winner as we know.

Winslow has been a solid role player for Miami for a couple years now, seen primarily as a defensive stopper, but the offense has been picking up for Winslow with the move to the point. He’s shooting almost 37% from 3 which is very respectable and has gotten hot in a couple games this season. In the 26 point game against the Grizzlies Winslow showed off 3 really impressive mid-range shots which shows how much his confidence and game has grown in his 4th season.

Winslow just agreed to a contract extension in October for 3yrs/$39 million so unfortunately he will not be cashing in on this somewhat breakout 4th season but it is great news for him and the Heat going forward. The former 10th overall pick has been ‘good not great’ so far in his NBA career as the contract extension shows, but over the last month in particular he has shown that his ceiling is higher than people thought after his first 3 seasons.

Fun Fact of the Week
J.J. Redick is averaging the most point per game of his career (18.3) at the age of 34 in his 15th season!

About me:

I’ve been a lifelong Duke fan going on 26 years now. I grew up in Durham. My Mom, Grandma and Uncle all went to Duke undergrad, my Dad went there for grad school, and I ended up going to grad school there as well. So Duke is really family for me. I’ve watched Duke basketball as long as I can remember, my earliest memories were of the 1999 NCAA final and 2001 National Championship team and I pretty much have not missed a game since. I’m a basketball junkie and I love Duke, that’s all you really need to know.


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